Sunday, January 4, 2009

Someone fix me,

My body aches all over.

Tomoro I'l be going on the search for a job. I'm hoping that I wont have to go back to working in a store thats packed full of assholes.
If I could get temping work, that'd be rad cuz the money isn't bad and at least I wont get stuck in the same place day in day out.

I really hope I get something soon. I havn't had a job since the 22nd December and already Im mind numbingly bored. (Thanks for the lend of all those books, Lisa)

Due to said boredom, I'v been spending abit of time on ebay. Doing abit of window shopping for when I can afford to buy things.

My list includes:

Delish Hello Kitty tablecloth

Smoke box

First edition copy of JD Salinger's "For Esme- with love and squalor"

This delish Little Red Ridinghood coat


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