Wednesday, December 24, 2008


While I was on tour I took to writing again. I saw alot of things on my travels that inspired me. This is just something about a girl I knew once. Her name was Ana.


Splitting headache and she's cold to the bone.
Shoulders are weighed down with the weight of a thousand years.
Salty tears sting her chapped lips.
But she cannot stop, nor can she let you know how tired she is from walking miles in uncomfortable shoes.

Minutes feel like days and every day that passes she gets a year older.
She is a million years old and the lines of her face tell stories of the sea.
She is love with the idea of being in love.
A feeling more fantastical than has ever been known.

She wants it all and she wants it now.
And sometimes she gets the fleeting feeling of infinity,
It courses through her veins faster then a bullet train.
But its there, it's always been there.

She walks down streets and passes the faces of people she knows but cannot recognise.
It makes no sense.
Headache grows with her confusion.
The pace of her daily routine is neither stationary, fast or slow.
But a combination of all three.

Black cats, lucky 13, horse shoes.
Fortune, favour and love.

It makes no sense how a relationship like this can be such a false friend.

if there's a god in the sky

only he can judge me, so until my dying day stay the fuck out of my face.

I love Cold World. This song in particular is pretty relevant to me right now.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Have Heart

I hadn't been as excited in a long time about seeing a band.
I spent over four hours getting back to Dublin in time for the show and it lived up to every expectation I had.

First up to play were Real Talk! I really enjoyed their set and I really feel its a shame that the boys are taking a break cuz the last couple of times Iv seen them play they've been really tight and I'v had a great time watching them. Also, I love Joebreaker.

Next were Find Away followed by Forging Friendships.
I was delighted to hear the good news that Forging Friendships will be releasing a record with Hurry up and B9. Its about time a band from our scene got recognised for their amazing talent and dedication to hardcore. It made me really proud. Well done boys.

And Lastly, Have Heart. Im rarely one to sing at shows but I was so excited about this show that I knew I'd end up losing my shit.
The show was incredible. Flynner was rad and pretty much all the songs I wanted to hear and that actually meant something to me personally were played and I was completely blown away.
Thanks amillion to everyone who made it happen. I had one of the best nights of my life.
Love you guys.