Tuesday, January 13, 2009


For as long as I can remember Iv always been obsessed with something. Sometimes my obsession would last a week/month/year/lifetime.
Its never anything important. Just stupid stuff. Like Capri Suns.
I remember I was absolutely obsessed with capri suns. I couldn't get enough of them. Orange, Tropical, mixed berries, apple. I loved them all and would drink them non stop. People bought me multipacks of capri sun for my 19th birthday, it was that bad.
I even remember winning one for some silly award at the EmoHardcore anniversary party in Ciaras house back in 2005. That was the stuff of GOLD.
I drank so many fucking capri suns that summer that I find it really hard to drink the stuff now unless its ICE chilled. But yeah. Ridiculous.

Another obsession that has followed me through my life has been my love for Dinosaurs.
Why Dinosaurs, you might ask?
Cause they're fucking AWESOME, thats why.
I really do love them. I love reading about them, looking at pictures of them, watching the land before time, Jurassic Park etc.
Anytime I go to the natural history museum in London, I get so excited that I nearly vomit in my mouth, and have upon occasion. hahaha
But yeah, my favourite is this fella:

He's called a Brontosaurus, also called Apatosaurus (means 'deceptive lizard') lived in the late Jurassic Period and were decendants from the Diplodocidae (basically other long necks). But yeah basically they wer just real friendly but still kick ass and vegetarian, just like me haha.
I still really want a dino tattoo. :D

Another Huge obsession of mine is with London.
From the very first time I went, I fell in love. I love everything about the place.
Last year I had major plans to move there and try and set up a life for myself over there. Opportunities arose for me in Ireland which meant I had to put my plans on the long finger. I'd still love to go and move there. Two friends of mine have recently made the move across the pond and are having the time of their lives. The fast paced london lifestyle is suiting them well.
I'm going over in eight days and I couldn't be more excited.
I <3 LDN.

Chanel has been another big one for the past couple of years.
Along with Moschino, Marc Jacobs, teeth, bones, food, emoticons, tea, coffee, Malboro Menthol, vintage clothing, Ebay, Multivitamin Juice, Kitties, Gold, Skirts and Dresses>Jeans and Pants, Teddies, Jersey, Kitchen stuff, Cardigans, Socks, Shoes>runners, Teapots, saying words like "RAD!!!" and "AWESOME!!!", bad jokes/bad sense of humour(I'm Sorry, okay?!), Quilts, waffles, Hands, Curls, Hot Water Bottles, Umbrellas...the list is endless.

But I have one obsession that will last a lifetime. And thats my love for all things live.
Music, dance, theatre.
I dont think theres anything better than a live performance.
It is my mecca and I love it. From the energy and atmosphere to the sense of community behind it. Whether you'r standing in the front row singing every word or standing in the back with your arms folded, soaking it all up or even sitting in the sittiest seat in the house half blocked by a fucking pillar (cause thats the only seat in the gaiety that you could afford) I recon the whole thing is magical.
Alot of shit can get in the way from enjoying a show, sometimes its macho shit, sometimes its meat heads taking their shirts off and sweating on you(municipal waste=eg), sometimes its sitting beside some asshole who just wont SHUT THE FUCK UP AND WATCH THE PLAY!!! Whatever it is, I say fuck what everyone else says or thinks or does, its all bollox anyway. So long as you can have a good time, just block that stuff out cause people are dicks anyway. Just enjoy yourself an be in the moment.

You might think upon reading this that I'm gettin abit over-sentimental about the whole thing, and so fucking what if I am. You're forgetting that Im a person who has a completely obsessive personality.


Olivia said...

Love how you ignored the knackers at The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2!!!!!! Real smooth!
Hahaha. Soz I had to.

Ruthie said...

Yeah, I hated them knackers!