Sunday, November 9, 2008


Everyone's doing it these days and finally I have things interesting enough occuring in my life to make writing a blog actually worth while :P

Iv had the raddest weekend. I got to chill with friends and I also graduated from college.

Graduation was strange. It wasn't something that I was hughly looking forward to and the day itself was a huge anti climax. After three years of working my butt off, reading every book I could get my hands on and learning every script imaginable, staying in college every hour I could, extra rehearsals, masterclasses, all I got was a piece of paper. What a let down!!!

But after I was finished at the ceremony, I got to hang out with friends and the day wasn't a total waste :) And I had a really awesome time.

So as a few of you know I'm currently rehearsing for a play thats gonna be on during December.
Im super stoked on it. It's called 'A Fairytale Christmas'. This week we set into intensive rehearsals with putting choreography to the songs in the show and all that kind of jazz hand stuff.

Then come thursday I'm going to London for the weekend. IM SO FUCKING EXCITED :D!"£$%
Me and my lovely lisa are making the trip over and The one and only Holly Dale has offered us a place to crash. I cant wait!

Billie Jean is definately my favourite Micheal Jackson song and at the minute Im totally down with Jelly and icecream too.

I also cant stop listening to David Bowie and Bow wow wow. Sooooo goooood.

Also, Laterion Milton.......Hero!

'Its fun to do bad things'


Yeah so Daraghs 21st was on Friday. It was the business. Man, I love Toga parties.
I had the raddest time. THANKS DARAGH!!!

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