Tuesday, April 6, 2010

East London, the love of my life.

After just over six months in London, I finally feel like it is my home. I have moved from flat to flat, from Columbia Road to Kirton Gardens and now finally, to Dalston Lane in Hackney. Its a really nice feeling to be returning to London tonight after a week in Dublin.
Iv never really felt at peace in this city, my one saving grace was the beautiful friends Iv made in Dublin over the years, friends that I miss everyday of my life but that are always in my heart. DBH, DGH and the community I became a part of through Dublin Hardcore will always be my fondest of memories, the greatest times of my youth.
Im 23 years old now and although my youth is nowhere near over, I cant deny that I am getting older. Im finally doing my dream job after years of attempting to get into the field, finally independant and supporting myself after years of trying to break free from under my families supportive wings and finally comfortable with my own company. I dont think its anything out of the ordinary to achieve these things, Im just finally beginning to grow up.
Life is good and Im excited to be in East London to experiance it.