Friday, February 13, 2009

First week

So as you all know, I finally started my new job in Topshop, Stephens Green on Monday.
I'v been making lots of new friends and Iv already managed to suss out most of the idiots from the crowd. Most of the people on my floor are lovely. I really like some of them and they'v been so nice to me which really made things alot easier for me.
And Im getting to know people from other floors too and its been alot of fun :)

The job itself is pretty easy, a monkey could to it to be honest. Clearing rails, tidying clothes, fitting room duties blah blah. But I'm also going to be till trained this week and I'v also been made Lingerie specialist, so Iv been kept busy getting to know everything I possibly can about bras and knickers. The absolute HACK of the chung waaaaans coming in to get sexy undies for der fellits for Valentines Day waas hilarious. I LOLLED....ALOT.

Also, within the next four to five months I'l be ready to become a 'Top Level'which is basically a manager. Which is class seen as they employed me as an 'advanced level', whatever the fuck that means.

So basically Im enjoying it alot so far and Im feeling quite positive about it in general.
Also, its nice working in a shop thats so busy, it's nothing like BT's where I'd be bored off my tits day in, day out.
So yeah, Im in all next week Monday through call in for a visit! I'l be on the first floor :D

Also if anyones around town tomoro I'd really appreciate it if you'd pop by my stall at the Bernard Shaw Car Boot Sale and buy a tshirt :)
Starts at oneish I think :)

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